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Gamemania free gifts

gamemania free gifts

Anna's Diary Fiction. Gamemania free gifts Basic. Fere application you can book a free callback service or create an email ticket for those complex issues. gamemania free gifts

Gamemania free gifts -

More Generator Tools. Full Website Index. The printable reading comprehension worksheets listed below were created specially for students at a 3rd grade reading level. Each file includes a fiction or nonfiction reading passage, followed by a page of comprehension questions.

Logged in members can use the Super Teacher Worksheets filing cabinet to save their favorite worksheets. Please login to your account or become a member and join our community today to utilize this helpful feature. Reading comprehension passages specially written for students at a 1st grade level.

Reading comprehension stories, poems, and articles written at a 2nd grade reading level. Reading comprehension passages written at a 4th grade reading level. More advanced stories, poems, and articles written at a 5th grade reading level. Literature circle role sheets, book bingo printables, book report forms, and other reading worksheets.

These nonfiction reading comprehension articles feature all types of animal species. Read level: 3rd through 5th. Log In. Become a Member. Consonant Sounds Vowel Sounds Consonant Blends Consonant Digraphs Word Families More Phonics Worksheets. Early Literacy.

Alphabet Build Sentences Sight Word Units Sight Words Individual More Early Literacy. Nouns Verbs Adjectives Adverbs Pronouns Punctuation Syllables Subjects and Predicates More Grammar Worksheets.

Spelling Lists. Spelling Grade 1 Spelling Grade 2 Spelling Grade 3 Spelling Grade 4 Spelling Grade 5 More Spelling Worksheets. Chapter Books. Bunnicula Charlotte's Web Magic Tree House 1 Boxcar Children More Literacy Units.

Animal Vertebrate Groups Animal Articles Butterfly Life Cycle Electricity Human Body Matter Solid, Liquid, Gas Simple Machines Space - Solar System Weather More Science Worksheets. Social Studies. Valentine's Day Presidents' Day St. Patrick's Day Winter More Holiday Worksheets.

Brain Teasers Logic: Addition Squares Mystery Graph Pictures Number Detective Lost in the USA More Thinking Puzzles. Teacher Helpers. Teaching Tools Award Certificates More Teacher Helpers. Pre-K and Kindergarten. Alphabet ABCs Numbers and Counting Shapes Basic More Kindergarten.

Worksheet Generator. Word Search Generator Multiple Choice Generator Fill-in-the-Blanks Generator More Generator Tools. Full Website Index Help Files Contact.

Fiction Stories. Closet Creature Fiction FREE. When Adam wakes up in the middle of the night to scary sounds coming from his closet, he'll need help to find out just what kind of creature is trapped inside. View PDF. Filing Cabinet.

Quickly access your most used files AND your custom generated worksheets! The Strange Star Fiction. When Rosie visits the beach with her father, she can't see the nighttime stars she loves.

But when she looks down in the sand, she discovers a new kind of star. Ben's Loose Tooth Fiction. Ben's sister Kate is trying to help him remove his wiggly tooth, but nothing is working. This is a high-interest fiction piece that will require your students to read carefully for details.

Oliver and Peppercorn. After reading this story of friendship, students can test their reading comprehension skills by answering the accompanying questions. Surprise Pies.

Matilda the goose loves tasting pies, so when she has to bake one for a contest, she goes all out. Reading comprehension questions include multiple choice, short answer, vocabulary, and a writing prompt.

Rainbow Treasure. Read this sweet story about a rainbow and answer the reading comprehension questions that follow. There is also a vocabulary activity and a writing prompt. Cookie Agreement Fiction.

This fictional passage tells the story of three siblings coming to an agreement about what kind of cookies to make with their mom.

Friends Helping Friends. Jared has a busy weekend of finishing his science fair project, but when his friends ask him to help with other things, he doesn't want to disappoint them.

Will helping his friends mean he won't finish his project on time? The Haunted Tree Fiction. Mark and Will hear strange noises coming from a scary-looking tree near their bus stop. When Mark works up the courage to peek inside a hollowed out spot in the tree, he is surprised by what he finds. Brotherly Love.

Michael needs to make some extra money to buy a new video game, and with his older brother's help, he'll make enough in no time. But will Michael get his new game or find a way to repay his brother?

Snow Dance Fiction. All Adrianna really wanted for Christmas was a new sled, but now that she has one it won't snow. Will the snow come before winter break is over or will Adrianna's favorite gift sit unused? Clear Choice Fiction. Rachel doesn't want her friends to know she has glasses, but when she can't see the board in math class, her teacher gives her the choice of wearing her glasses or moving her seat away from her friends.

Time Capsule Fiction. Anna buries a time capsule in her garden with her favorite book, her yo-yo, and other treasured items. After a short while, she realizes that all of her favorite things are gone and she wants them back. The Wind Stole My Homework! This passage is about a boy writing a story for his homework and how the trouble he has doing so inspires a new story.

Birthday Treat. Randy can't wait to see what Mrs. Anderson is baking for a special birthday treat. But when he discovers what the treat is, he's more than a little disappointed.

Can his grumbling stomach change his mind and maybe even his taste buds? Shark Teeth Fiction. Trina is determined to find a shark tooth before she leaves Myrtle Beach. She finds something that could be a tooth, but she's not positive.

Will the mystery item be enough to satisfy her search? Jezzabelle's Old School Fiction. Jezzabelle is pretty sure her new school will be as bad as her old school.

What she learns, though, is that she has the power to change her attitude and make things better. Reading comprehension questions, a writing prompt, and vocabulary words are included. Surprise Party Fiction. Nobody in class remembered to wish Emma a happy birthday. They're all too busy planning a surprise party for the school custodian.

How to Pet a Dolphin Fiction. Jordan and his sister Dani have never touched a dolphin before! Join them on an outing to the aquarium to learn "how to pet a dolphin".

A Walk Through the Rainforest Fiction. Emma and Alex go on an adventurous walk to see what kinds of rainforest animals they can find. They meet their friends along the way and learn a thing or two about using their imagination.

Includes comprehension questions, vocabulary words, and a writing prompt. The Perfect Camping Trip. Bella and Mia are excited about camping out in the back yard.

But when things don't turn out how they planned, will their camping adventure be ruined? Includes reading comprehension questions, vocabulary words, and a writing prompt. Leaf Races Fiction. Kendall is raking leaves in her yard and she can't imagine anything more boring.

Eli, her next-door neighbor, shows her just how much fun raking leaves can be if you make a game of it. Math Problems Fiction. Alex is sure he's going to be in big trouble when he has to bring his math quiz home to be signed.

But his failing grade may help him find an answer to his math problems. It's a Secret Fiction. Reagan is tired of keeping all Jennifer's secrets, especially when it hurts her best friend Lena. Backyard Visitor Fiction. When a baby deer shows up in the backyard, Sarah wants to treat it like a pet, but when her mom tells her the dangers of interacting with wild animals, Sarah will have to find another way to remember her backyard visitor.

Carnival Fever Fiction. When Sophie comes down with a fever on the day of her best friend's birthday party, she couldn't be more disappointed. The party has a carnival theme with all Sophie's favorite games, and now she's stuck home in bed.

She dreams of the fun she's missing at the party, until her family comes up with the perfect solution for her carnival fever. Lunchbox Surprise Fiction. Mom told Emma to expect a special surprise at lunch.

What could the surprise be? Emma and Emma's friend Alice work to find out. Friday the 13th Fiction. Maxine is worried about her math test, and when her best friend, Adam, tells her it's Friday the 13th, Max finds herself worrying even more.

Will stepping on cracks and walking under a ladder be enough bad luck to make Max fail her test? Foul Ball Fiction. Emmitt is having a great time at the baseball game, except he really wants to catch a foul ball.

But when he gets the chance, the decision he makes will surprise more than just him. To the Rescue Fiction. Jose dreams of being a superhero.

When Sarah's cat gets stuck in a tree, he may finally have his chance. Grandma to All Fiction. Tamara is excited to spend the weekend with her grandmother, but her best friend Darla doesn't want to hear about it. When Tamara finds out what's really bothering Darla, she just might have a way to cheer up her friend.

Weathering the Storm Fiction. When Sara's birthday party is canceled due to a hurricane, she can't think about anything else. But when her mother shows her how others are affected by the storm, Sara has a change of heart.

Someplace Special. Brooke's mom is taking her someplace special, but Brooke can't figure out where that could be. And the answer isn't anything she would've guessed.

Rules of the Playground. It's Maddie's first day in a new school, and at recess she can't wait to try out the giant play set. But according to the rules of the playground set by the fourth graders, Maddie's not allowed on it.

Now she'll have to decide what's more important, playing by the rules or making new friends. Super Robotoman. All Toby wants for his birthday is a new Super Robotoman action figure, and he makes sure everyone knows it. But when he finally rips into his birthday gifts, he'll get big surprise.

Dragon Trouble Fiction. Garden for One. Rebecca loves helping her grandmother in her vegetable garden and dreams of having one of her own, but her yard isn't big enough.

Can her grandmother help her figure out how to have a garden without a proper yard? Nature's Rainbow Fiction. Jayden doesn't know how his teacher expects him to find every color of the rainbow on their autumn nature hike.

There's nothing blue or purple in the woods! Lauren is dying to go on a real vacation like her neighbors, the Sandersons. But her parents can't afford to take the time off work. Can she and her dad find a solution that works for everyone?

Making Fun. When Trevor's dad has to work late and can't take Trevor to Game World, he thinks his night will be boring. But his older brother shows him that sometimes you have to make your own fun. New Teacher Trouble Fiction. Liam used to like going to school but the the new school year means a new teacher, and Liam's been assigned to Mrs.

Chompsky, the strictest teacher in the building. Kids' Best Friend Fiction. Damon loves his dog, Prince, but when a new puppy shows up next door, Prince is pushed aside.

Can Damon learn that while puppies are cute, a grown dog can offer friendship? Pool Party Fiction. Ava doesn't want to disappoint her best friend Melanie by missing her pool party, but Ava doesn't want everyone to find out she can't swim either. Friday Night Football. Bobby doesn't like having to give up his Friday nights to watch his brother Nick play football, but when he finds out he's Nick's good luck charm, he just might change his mind.

The Luck of the Owl Fiction. Olivia needs a great idea for her school's pumpkin decorating contest. Will a mysterious owl in her yard be the good luck she needs for her project?

Anna's Diary Fiction. Someone keeps pulling Anna's diary out from under the bed - even when she puts her kitty in charge of guarding it. Help her solve the mystery to reveal the culprit. Video Game Mania Fiction. Paige wants to go outside and play basketball, but her brother Alec is determined to get to the next level on his video game.

Paige decides to join Alec and play the game, but what happens when she causes him to lose the game? Oh, Canada! Anthony's mom was born in Canada. When he studies Canada in school, he excitedly races home to tell her all of the interesting facts about Canada he learned.

The Good Old Days. When Patrick interviews his grandmother for a school project, he discovers that she walked to school as a child, her family didn't have a television set, and couldn't play video games.

He wonders why grandma refers to her childhood as "the good old days. Time Machine Swing Set Fiction. Alex's imagination has transformed his swing set into a time machine.

But when his neighbor Becca comes to visit, Alex isn't sure if he should share his secret with her. Sleepover Nightmares Fiction. Kayla is worried about her first sleepover.

She isn't a night person and is afraid her friends will make fun of her if she falls asleep first. Scariest Scarecrow Fiction. Ben is excited to go to his uncle's farm to pick pumpkins and apples, but when Uncle Darrell can't keep the crows away from his crops, Ben will have to figure out how to make the scariest scarecrow to fix the problem.

Friendly Sports. Mindy has been practicing for soccer sign-ups, but when all her friends decide to join cheerleading, Mindy will have to decide if being with them is more important than playing soccer.

Tomorrow Fiction. Jimmy is excited to go outside and play on his swing set, but his plans have to change when he discovers that it's raining outside. Who's on First? Liam's been working hard getting ready to try out for the position of first baseman, but when his best friend Eric goes out for the same position, the question becomes 'Who's on First?

Spare Fiction. When Lena's two best friends plan a bowling trip without her, Lena is determined to find out why she's left feeling like the spare.

But when she shows up at the bowling alley, she'll find out things aren't always what they seem. Girls Rule! Boys Drool! When Ripley is caught spying on his friend Laney, she gets annoyed and yells "Girls rule!

Boys drool! Rainy Day Fun. Spencer wants to spend his weekend riding bikes with his best friend, Elton, but the rain ruins his plans. Or does it? With a little creative thinking, Spencer and Elton may be able to ride after all. Second Best Fiction. Simone is happy for her best friend Sheri when she gets the lead in the school play, but Simone is tired of always coming in second place.

Will she ever be the best at anything? New Neighbors Fiction. Maura is anxious to meet her new neighbors. She hopes a girl her age will move in so she'll have someone to hang out with over summer break.

But when the moving truck arrives, Maura finds out that she'll get even more than she wished for. grade levels Erin's Four Leaf Clover Fiction.

Erin found a four-leaf clover in her grandparents' backyard, but how will she prove it's lucky? Friends Across Miles. Dana doesn't know what to do now that her best friend Elianna moved across the country. Will the two be able to remain best friends with so many miles between them?

Adventures of Crazy Cat. Pam and Myles are crushed when their favorite TV show is canceled, especially since it reminded them so much of their cat.

But their older brother has an idea to make the "Adventures of Crazy Cat" continue. Xander is attending the school fair, but he feels unlucky and believes he doesn't have a chance of winning any of the games. Just Be Patient. Jared can't wait to get out of the summer sun and into the cool ocean water, but between the traffic and beach crowd it seems like it's taking forever to finally swim.

But he'll learn a lesson in patience that will work in his favor. Fossil Treasure. When a leak in the water pipes means digging up Colin's old sandbox, he starts to get nostalgic for the days when he used to dig in the sand hoping to find dinosaur bones.

But when the backhoe reveals a fossil hidden in the dirt, Colin's dreams of discovery may come true after all. Readers' Theater. Beary Unusual Pet Readers' Theater. When Robin, Sam, and Chris want a bear for a pet, they are surprised to find out that their parents think it's a wonderful idea.

Princess Mimi Readers' Theater. Princess Mimi's precious dog, Bibi, has been captured by a fierce dragon! Will Princess Mimi ever get her best friend back safely?

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