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Trainwreck gambling

trainwreck gambling

According to GrainwreckNiknam often bambling for oddsshark nba hours a day gambling on the trainwreck gambling gambling site Stake. trainweeck Prophet of Truth Member. Is Trainwrecks in debt from gambling streams? Apathy Member. Share: Facebook Twitter Reddit Pinterest Tumblr WhatsApp Email Share Link. We went from "tips for good work" to "straight up millions for being a shitbag", which is the part that annoys me.

Trainwreck gambling -

Others have wondered whether Train was including funds that have been wagered and lost in that total amount, or money that is locked on the gambling site as credit.

This would make the number more believable because gambling losses usually far outweigh wins. Recently, xQc admitted to wagering over half a billion dollars in gambling streams , but at the time, his ratio of wins to losses was 63, to , This means that sites like Stake, Rollbit, and Duelbits, which had contracts with many streamers, are no longer allowed on the platform.

Many people were outspoken about their disapproval of gambling being permitted on Twitch and therefore see this change as a positive step. Others, including Trainwreckstv, have called out the hypocrisy of banning casino-style gambling while still allowing streams that feature poker or sports betting.

Oct 25, 11, Also remember how people defended this shit. RockmanBN Visited by Knack - One Winged Slayer Member. Oct 25, 27, Cornfields. shadowsdarknes Banned. Oct 30, 8, Have we reached the point where these streamers have gone on half asses apology tour's acknowledging the fault in this?

MrNewVegas Member. Oct 27, 10, Lobster Roll said:. shadowsdarknes said:. Oct 30, 3, That's a crazy amount of money. I bet companies made billions exploiting people through dishonest influencers like train. Gambling is an addiction that ruins people's lives.

PeskyToaster Member. Oct 27, 15, The latter is a big issue because it's what baits people into getting into gambling. This dude is kind of an amoral liar and cheat so it's hard to take anything he says as true.

Kill3r7 Member. Oct 25, 23, Hagi said:. Train is not the person to expect that from. He fought tooth and nail against people trying to get gambling off the platform.

IIFloodyII Member. Oct 26, 23, Revolver Oshawott said:. Celestial Descend Member. Aug 15, 2, Holy shit that's a lot of money. idonteven Banned. Oct 27, 2, Ra Rap Genius Moderator. Oct 27, 12, Dark Space. Wouldn't be shocked if Train just barely broke even still. Absolute degen with gambling.

Milennia Prophet of Truth - Community Resetter Member. Oct 25, 18, This is more than a lot of celebrities net worth, no shot it's accurate, a lot of funny money going around with this stuff Most of it went into the slots and never came back out guaranteed, it's just the overall winnings and paychecks, house money Stake signed Drake for some stuff and you bet your ass he would take a deal like that long term, and that's fucking Drake.

Bufbaf Don't F5! Oct 25, 12, Hamburg, Germany. The problem isn't how streamers get money from their audience, the problem is that huge, giant assholes get literal millions of money from their audience.

We went from "tips for good work" to "straight up millions for being a shitbag", which is the part that annoys me. No idea how this can be actually challenged though. Now that I'm thinking about it, I really wonder if this will affect genuine regular employment in the future.

When kids who grew up with streamers earning tens of thousands a month reach the point in life where they realize "actual" jobs don't even pay close to this, what will happen?

WHAT WILL HAPPEN?! SwampBastard The Fallen. Nov 1, 10, TIL I want to be a streamer. ThatMeanScene The Fallen. Oct 25, 9, Miami, FL. Train and xQc are literally ruining lives because of this.

I really wish Twitch had the stones to ban gambling outright but they're probably counting on those streamers' viewers still paying for bits and subs to reach the level of profitability Amazon is demanding. Remember, very often train and other streamers are playing with house money.

There is some loose data out there regarding sub numbers that people can do the math on, but they're more than happy and more than likely to keep pumping into the channels that are ballooning in size. Folks finding out about how much trainwrecks made will probably do nothing to stop them from continuing to sub.

ThatMeanScene said:. Trace Member. Oct 25, 4, Canada. PeskyToaster said:. Indy in the Fridge Banned. Oct 30, 15, Bufbaf said:. HiLife Avenger. Oct 25, 39, Donate to Wikipedia instead.

Chrno Member. Oct 25, 3, Indy in the Fridge said:. Lots of kids today will straight up tell you that they want to be social media influencers, Twitch streamers, or get famous on Youtube. maximumzero Member. Oct 25, 22, New Orleans, LA. I'll never understand how so many people give such large amounts of money to total strangers on Twitch, Youtube, and similar platforms.

It's just utterly baffling. Qwark Member. Oct 27, 7, Ethics aside, it's obviously shitty all around. But why would this person reveal that info? What's the context? I don't understand who in their right mind would think it's a good idea to reveal this. Shelbyville Milhouse Member. Oct 25, 22, Apathy said:.

Qwark said:. TerryVincent Member. Jan 11, This guy is so full of shit. No way that is true. I mean that shit isn't even regulated right?

Oddsshark nba Jump Oddsshark nba Forum Gaming Hangouts EtcetEra Gxmbling EtcetEra Hangouts Trending Threads Latest threads Watched threads. Log in. Top Bottom. Hide Images. Gaming Forum. Gaming Hangouts. EtcetEra Forum. Follow Rrainwreck. Gambling is a gamblnig issue that divides the gamlbing with every debate. While many take the hard stand and dismiss trainwreck gambling altogether, duo fu duo cai grand jackpot hold trainwrrck somewhat lenient view on the topic. Streamers like HasanAbi and Tyler1 have made public statements about their thoughts on gambling. Despite such disapproval in the community, many creators continue to fall prey to online gambling. Article continues below this ad. The streamer said that the fault mostly lies on the parents if their children take their credit cards to gamble online.


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